1940s to mid 1950s. Currently very curious and interesed in this time frame. Now I am not the kind of person that knows too much about this time frame, only thing that I know about it is that back in those days there was some kind of war, NASA wasn’t even formed yet (NACA was instead) and sputnik hadn’t even been launched yet and the first “all purpose” computer was realised in 1946 (ENIAC). All that being said, the limit in technology back in those days would be like a horror movie for me. Oh and Italian gangsters come to mind, like Al Capone but I don’t know when he was around.

But that’s not what is interesting me, no it’s the lifestyle. Now seeing I was no where near alive, hell my parents were probably not even around back then, my knowledge on this time frame is mainly based on movies and various searches on the internet. But what I think is this: life seemed to be a lot more simpler back then. Now I could be completely wrong, but that’s just my interpretation. I have been thinking about writing a blog about this for a while, but I am not 100% sure how to put my thoughts into words. The world seemed more innocent then, life was different.

The one thing that gets me the most though, is the women were so different back then! Don’t get me wrong, show me some slutty chick wearing next to nothing and you have my undivided attention; I’d probably do backflips just to get into bed with her. But that’s not the kind of girl you want to have a relationship with! But back then it seems like women were more refined, you met a nice girl got married and started your life together. If there was a problem with your marriage you tried to fix it not get a divorce.

I don’t know, there is just something nice about the thought of going to work everyday then coming home to your wife waiting for you with dinner on the table, asking you how your day was. I know this can happen in our world today, but something about the attitudes and ideology back then are different. Something you can’t find today.

Like I mentioned before, I am not really sure how to put this all into words. Maybe I’m thinking like this because of my new found views on what I might want or what appeals to me currently in life. I don’t know. Just something that’s been on my mind lately.


What fresh hell is this?

I am trying to start posting more blogs, my goal is to post at least two a week. And while slowly killing time on the internet instead of doing my essay or studying for my two exams, I thought I would write a post. I seem to be having trouble concentrating on anything that has to do with school work.

Now here’s a little something not many people know about me. The majority of the time, when I close my eyes all I can see are numbers and letters. There’s always some form of equation in my head, which is fine for me. But lately things seem to be slightly different. I close my eyes and I see her name in my head, or I see her. This girl I briefly mentioned in my previous blog (I just recently watched the Justice League Doom movie, so let’s call her ‘Carol’). I’m not sure how to explain my friendship with Carol apart from confusing. Okay, so I was hanging out with a friend and she wanted to take a few sexy pictures of herself, and out of the two of us she picked me to do it. So we went to a more discrete location and she proceeded to take her clothes off, and got me to take pictures of her on her phone. Now this is the part I feel stupid about. I have never been in this kind of a situation before, so I wasn’t sure what to do apart from take pictures of her. So there, I stand, awkwardly and getting horny over this gorgeous girl getting naked in front of me, posing in so many different positions, and asking me what I think of her body, and if that would turn the person who she was going to send the photos to on. I told my best friend about it, and he told me I was an idiot for not making a move. Which while I am slightly annoyed at myself for not doing so, I also am glad I didn’t. Now, I know she got naked in front of me, but here’s the thing… She picked me to take the photos, because maybe she trusts me better? Instead of my friend? And knows I won’t take advantage of the situation? Or maybe because she wanted to ride my dick. Just because she took her clothes off doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with me. And the fact that she was talking about not being able to wait for this guy to “do her so hard all night” …So she definitely DID NOT want to have sex with me (This all happened before she got back with her douche of an ex).

I just don’t know what to do! I went to her house yesterday, and it was so… I’m not sure how to explain it. She changed into the tiniest summer dress, I could see everything underneath. I’m sitting there the whole time trying to tutor her while she is wearing practically nothing… It was so difficult, and she kept distracting me, and distracting herself and her breasts kept coming out of her dress and I just couldn’t tell what was happening. All I know is that practically no work was done, I ended up falling on the floor from laughter half the time, and we ended up in her bed all day (no sex just watching movies). We watched Green Lantern, I almost fell over when she put it on, I can’t believe she likes those movies 🙂 But she’s in a relationship, and she can’t stop talking about this jerk. And I can’t get her out of my head!

So still having little progress with my essay, and now all I can think about is having sex with her. Or if I was still with my ex I wouldn’t even be having these thoughts because I would be so happy with her. And instead of thinking about sex I could just have sex right now. I think I subconsciously sabotage myself.