Miss you.

It’s 2am, and I can’t think clearly. The memories of you are just running through my mind. I think back to the time when you were around, and while everything was far from perfect… At least I had you. I think of you everyday, but not properly. I remember things, I remember you. But it’s like I block out all the feelings that come along with those memories. Why? Because you were my everything. Because despite everything else, all that matter was when I held you in my arms. The world could be falling apart around me, and as long as I had you; I knew I’d be okay. Because with all that love, all that happiness you brought me, I now have emptiness. It’s something so hard to describe. And tonight, it’s all coming through. All this time blocking out how I feel. And I can’t breathe. My chest feels tight. I try to take a deep breath but I physically can’t. And my heart, it hurts. It feels like something has wrapped its hands around it, and is squeezing as hard as it can. As I lay here in bed, I wonder… Do you think of me? Do you remember? Like I remember? Because when I think about you with someone else, I can’t comprehend it. I try to tell myself you are happy, and that’s what matters. All I want is what’s best for you, but it hurts so much knowing you aren’t with me. It’s my fault I know, and that’s what makes it worse.

The pillow you use to lay your head on, I still keep in my bed. Every night when I go to sleep, I place it next to me. But since it’s been so long, your scent from your pillow is gone. Just another fading memory, I’m so desperately trying to hold onto. Where are you? I hope you are well. Me? I’m not doing so great. I need you so badly, and right now I’m so alone. But I guess that’s my fault too. No one else is worth my time now you’re gone. I have nothing to say to anyone unless it’s about you. And even when I talk about you what’s the point? It can’t be fixed, and I still don’t know anyone who truly understands how I feel. My bed is empty, I’m struggling to carry on. I keep staring at the photos but they just remind me you are gone. And it’s so hard tonight, I can’t keep it all in. I don’t know where to turn, I don’t know who to talk to. I just wish you were here, I hope you know I will always love you.


2am thoughts

As I mentioned in a previous post, I moved out of my dads. It’s been quite strange at times, not having to worry about him bothering me. I’m slowly adjusting to “normal” life. Today my friends parents took me shopping. For clothes and furniture for my room. And as I looked out and saw other families, I noticed little differences. People smiling at us, the occasional chat with complete strangers in the lift. Then I sort of took a step back, and realised what we must look like to the rest of the world. The comparison between going shopping with them, and if I was with my father.

Not only is my father a lazy prick, he doesn’t smile or talk with strangers. He isn’t overly polite. He’s just arrogant and selfish, thinks he’s better than the rest. When my father and I go shopping it’s forced, he rather pay someone money to take me shopping for the things I need. And when he can’t find someone to do it and has to come with me it’s so awkward. I think people can see that. I use to walk around with him and see all those people that were in the shopping centre with their parents and think “I wonder what that’s like.” And you know what? Today I found out.

To the rest of the world we are just another happy family spending our weekend shopping. I couldn’t help but look around and smile like an idiot. In my brief moment of happiness, it crept up on me. This really isn’t my family (as much as I’d like them to be, these are the people who were friends with my mum). Do I just look like some kid they felt sorry for and decided to bring along to the shops? And then I started to analyse everything. This environment, so happy and relaxed… I felt uneasy in it. Part of me feels like I don’t belong, maybe because I’m so use to putting up with my father.

What seems to bother me the most, is instead of enjoying my new found freedom and acceptance, I’m questioning it. I’m feeling uncomfortable by it. I wonder why this is the case?


First month of 2013 is almost over, can you believe it?! I know I can’t. Last year went so fast, it all seems like a blur. Especially the last few months. Between November and where we are now, so much has changed. Not only did I end up dating Carol, we ended just as unexpectedly as we started. But Carol is the least of my concerns at the moment. I have left my dad’s place, which in the long run is great but something feels wrong. I don’t miss being around him, because he was an asshole, but I just feel uneasy all the time. In the new place I’m at it’s great, I’m surrounded by people who care and love me, but for some reason I feel more alone and isolated than ever before. The days either drag on, or speed up and just sort of turn into a massive blur. I find myself spending more of my days laying around in bed or on the couch, and less and less talking to friends (not that any of my friends really care enough to see me) or going out. I’m always tired, not to mention the fact I have gained 5kg and lost the majority of muscle and definition. I think I’m stuck in a rut, or maybe this is what I’m meant to be.

To give you all an idea of what my day consists of (which isn’t much) here is what I did today:

11am – Woke up, watched porn. Went back to sleep.
12:30pm – Went up stairs, had lunch. Laid on the couch.
1:00pm – Had a shower, more porn. Back to the couch.
5:30pm – Ordered dinner.
6:00pm – Back to the couch, watched movies.
12:00am – Got up, went to bed.
1:30am – Started to write this blog. Thinking about porn.

Apart from the uneventful day, the sad thing is, it’s an effort to watch porn. Maybe I just need a good nights sleep and attempt this blog thing in the morning.

4am rant

I’m getting less slack with posts. Maybe. I have noticed they have changed the way the wordpress home page looks like. I like it 🙂

Anyway, it’s almost 4am and I can’t sleep. Sitting in my room alone, I realise that I am craving human attention. Particularly female attention (not in a sexual way, actually wouldn’t mind that kind of female attention but that’s not what I mean). Lately it seems (even after my extensive thing with Carol which I can’t remember if I have explained) that even though I’m spending more time with girls, I seem to be talking less to them. So what does any person at 4am in the morning do when they are craving human, particularly female interaction? Turn to the internet. Not only does this make me feel a little sad, but then half way through responding to a message I realise… I have no idea what to say to a girl. 

I just am not very good at talking over messages. Talking in person I’m great, even talking over the phone I’m pretty good. But when it comes to messaging I am completely and totally awkward. So much so, that I have resorted to talking about the weather and time differences. Poor girl, she’s probably hoping I don’t reply. Actually I don’t think she is going to reply. Oh, I am pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah Zach, use the word frolic in a sentence. Because that’s completely normal. Ah who am I kidding. Like I said, completely lost for words.

So Carol. Things got good between us, really good. We were spending lots of time together, always texting, always hanging out. She seemed to like the idea of us having sex a lot more than I thought she would. And for a while things got great, so much so that I decided to ask her out. And that’s where my mistake was. Shot down, in a second. She was shocked to realise I liked her enough to want to date her. And that I was a good friend and she didn’t wanna loose me as a friend. They way she acted, she acted more like a girlfriend than a friend. Wow, stuck in the friend zone even while I was fucking her. How the fuck did I manage that?

Not really sure where to go from here, too embarrassed to talk to her, and too tired to get into this post anymore. My bed is calling my name!


It’s been a while, and as much as a lot has changed, a lot has actually stayed the same. But all I know is I can’t sleep, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I have no energy. I have stop talking to my friends, and I have stopped going to school (I haven’t dropped out, just haven’t been there for a while). What is wrong with me? I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t stop myself. Am I going insane?