Bad luck

So lately, I seem to be having a lot of bad luck. Not only have I been getting sick more often, but it’s starting to get more serious each time. Lady Luck isn’t in my side at all. So apart from something being wrong with my insides, tonight I discovered a very small (about 5 cent piece small, actually probably smaller) bald patch. I am too young for this (turning 21 is still quite a while away…). But I am a little worried, hoping it’s nothing serious.

So currently I am waiting for Felix Baumgartner to attempt his leap from 37 kilometres above ground. Hopefully all goes well for him.

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into certain situations. Actually what I wonder even more is how I think half of the situations are a good idea even before things go bad. The reason I am rambling about all of this is because a day ago I decided that drinking at my ex girlfriends house alone while her parents were away on holidays was a good idea. I’m not sure why, but I am still feeling terribly anxious after spending the night with her. Even though we slept in separate beds, and nothing much happened… Maybe I feel uneasy because she’s my ex girlfriend.

Sleep eludes me, and my minds running wild. I need a distraction.


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