A day at a time…

Okay, so lately I have been thinking about how much time has gone by and how so little has changed. And how our days are limited. It sometimes frightens me to think just how quickly the years seem to go by. It starts by your days going faster, then weeks, then months and eventually years. And I guess to your average normal person the usual thought they would have would be something along the lines of “geez this year has gone awfully fast!” but see to me that isn’t what happens. Although my life hasn’t overall changed too much, my time left on this planet has. When ever I am going to die, I am getting closer to that day. And it really freaks me out to think that one day I am going to lose my conscious. That day that I die, when it happens, I will know what is happening. And I won’t be able to stop it. And by then I would of lived through the deaths of my loved ones. Friends, family pets. Only to meet the same end they and millions of those before me did. And then what? That is it. No more me. I loose conscious, I die. My body is placed in a cemetery (I hope) and will break down and decompose into nothing like everyone else. Life goes on, and I don’t exist. I will never experience this world ever again, I will never get to replay my memories in my head. It will be as if I never existed in the first place.


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