Back to school

First off, I’m very happy to see I have comments and likes on my posts! 🙂 Was very surprised. Today has been very unproductive for me. I slept in until midday and played xbox all day. I was suppose to be revising as I go back to school tomorrow and I also have an assignment due next week that I have completely forgotten to get a start on. Lately I seem to be putting a lot of things off, and I seem to be unmotivated. Which isn’t good. I am dreading going back to school instead of being happy and excited about getting my brain back into learning mode (the more I know the better, I need to be smarter!). At least I only have one lecture tomorrow, so minimal effort will be required. The bright side is I get to see my school friends again, I might even see Carol who I haven’t spoken to in over a week. This should be interesting.

On a slightly different topic there was something I was very excited about. I watched the new episode of The Big Bang Theory and was thrilled to see Stephen Hawking. Last week Leonard Nimoy (voice only) was on the show and now Stephen Hawking, I wonder who they will have next? Below is the clip of Stephen Hawking’s appearance on TBBT.


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